Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pretzels for sale!! RM15 only....

Pretzels with reasonable price....

OPEN ORDER! ! plain pretzels also available(without choc). 
Sape2 yg diet pn boleh order cookies ni dr reitdelicious...-tak ganggu diet harian anda (fat free)..harga yg tertera 'exclude postage' ye.
Berminat nk beli borong?? dialu- alukan ye...tq

RM 18/box...30pcs

Pretzels white choc + choc rice..RM15/box (30pcs)

Pretzels Oreo...RM15/box (30pcs)

Pretzels with full choc...Rm18/box (30pcs)

Pretzels choc...RM15/box (30pcs)

Pretzels with colour ball..RM15/box (30pcs)

Pretzels with almond..Rm18/box(30pcs)

can be shipped by poslaju/self pickup/our delivery service. To order/more details

pm me via sms@wechat 0176947400/inbox fb page reitdelicious. Tq